L ' workout legs is often one of the hardest to accomplish, because the muscles of the lower limbs are among the weakest of the body, although in size they are among the largest. The legs are also not naturally inclined to lift heavy loads that exceed the weight of the body. L ' workout legs in the gym also likely to be one of the hardest to deal with, because before lifting heavy loads they must be properly prepared. Not infrequently it happens in fact to see very large physicists in the upper part of the body, to which an adequate lower part does not correspond. L ' workout for the legs is important to have a balanced and harmonious physique. After training it is very important stretching legs.

Gym leg workout

Leg muscles are among the most difficult muscle groups to train, but at the same time, they are aesthetically synonymous with strength and prowess. The main leg muscles that we can train with specific workouts are:

  1. Buttocks (large, medium, small): В the so-called B side, particularly important for women
  2. Adductors (short, long, large): is part of the medial muscles of the thigh
  3. Femoral biceps: posterior and lateral thigh muscle
  4. Femoral Quadriceps: includes the vastus (intermediate, lateral, medial) and the rectus femoris
  5. Gastrocnemius: located in the back of the leg and together with the soleus it is responsible for the flexion of the foot
  6. Iliac: is part of the internal hip muscles

Mass leg workout

A leg training routine with the aim of increasing muscle mass must always start from exercises that tire the thighs and make blood flow to the legs, in order to warm the knees and prevent the onset of trauma. After these initial warm-up exercises, you can start loading heavyweights. But what are the main exercises to increase thigh muscle mass?

The best exercise to increase the muscle mass of the legs is undoubtedly the barbell squat, which consists of moving from an upright position with the barbell in your hand to that typical collection of the squat. The most important thing is to remember to push the hips back to unload all the weight on the heels, avoiding excessive stress on the knee joints and keeping the spine in line. This exercise is by far the most useful for the legs, however, care must be taken to perform it correctly, otherwise, it can become almost harmful.

Other exercises to combine with the barbell squat are:

Walking lunges: with the spine completely straight, create angles of 90 В° with the legs, folding them in a walking position, then one in front and the other backward.

Calf: the calf machine is a specific machine used for calf training acheter Sustanon 250. Even if you do not have the machine, you can perform the exercise near a step, lifting the tip of the foot with the knee joint in block.

Hack squat: exercise performed with the machine, which consists of going down and up with the strength of the legs, leaving the back completely supported on the machine and therefore less stressed than free body exercises.

Hip abduction: excellent exercise that allows the isolation of the abductor muscles through a specific machine.

Leg training card

The gym training card can be built in a different way according to the needs, the level of the athlete and the objectives to be achieved. The main leg exercises that must never be missing in the workout series are squats, deadlifting and turning (or power clean). These exercises are essential to increase strength and mass, giving a decisive boost to muscle growth. Whatever your training wheels are, remember to include these basic exercises, which represent the ABC of leg training.

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